So. Much. Crap.

New house with crap from old house

New house with crap from old condo

Everything up from the basement in the condo

Everything up from the basement in the condo



Ta da!

Ta da!



Seriously empty

Seriously empty

I seriously can't believe this is empty

I seriously can’t believe this is empty

Big kudos and lots of gratitude to AO for all of his work to make the basement look like this. I did work, too, but I hung with Molly for most of Saturday while he did the final (read: five) load(s).



I think we should probably move every two years or never move at all.

Molly's empty room

Molly’s empty room

Remember when this was her room?

Remember when this was her room?

Bye-bye, condo. Thanks for a good run. You will be missed. Especially come December.

We're really leaving. I swear.

We’re really leaving. I swear.

And ... scene!

And … scene!


1 Response to “So. Much. Crap.”

  1. 1 Mary Lloyd April 28, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Congratulations on a hard job well done.

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First fun house project happening here. Thanks @quadrostylestickers . . . #stairrisers #stairstickers #blackandwhite #houseproject #newhouseproject #interiordesign #newhouselove #quadrostylestickers
All ready for her field trip to @aldoleopoldnaturecenter with #laphamelementary. . . . . . Outfit curated by Molly. But most clothes/hat courtesy of @oneil6298, @heather4sure, @marylloyd9165, and @ppacnj. #grateful #fieldtrip #firstgrade #madisonwi #parenthood #littleexplorers #aldoleopold
Happy birthday to my mom, @marylloyd9165. She’s given me more than I deserve and tolerates me more than she should. At this point, I know it may be more because I have some control over when she sees her grandchild, but I’ll take it. She’s the strongest woman I know and my role model. Happy birthday, mom. We love you! ❤️❤️❤️ . . . And I’d give anything to look that cute at any age. #mymommyhero #moms #mymom #myrolemodel
Damage. @costco contracted with #InnoveILogistics to deliver our @lgusa washer & dryer. But instead of delivering the products we paid for, the @costco delivery company, apparently run by @sears crashed into our house, damaged it, and sped off with our appliances. Ugh. #costco #customerservice #whatismytimeworth #disrespectful #damage #damageclaim #housedamage #nodelivery #LG #disappointed #shouldvegonelocal #searsdelivery
Slowlllllllly, but progress. These go to 96”! @cb2 @sherwinwilliams #cb2 #sherwinwilliams #olympuswhite #newhouse #freshcoatofpaint #thesegotoeleven
Putting the light gray up to get that white trim to pop. #newhouse #graywalls #whitetrim #sherwinwilliams #olympuswhite

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