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Ticking time bomb and other phrases you never want to hear your vet say

This morning we took Gertie to our vet. I love our vet’s office more than I can say and I trust them entirely, so it was not fun to hear the vet call poor Gerts a ticking time bomb. Or to hear her say she was “very concerned” about Gertie’s behavior, that we should never ever leave Molly alone with her or that Gertie might just not make sense for us long term. I appreciated her candor and her thoughtfulness, but oy. Words I didn’t want to hear.

In sum, the vet┬ásuggested (read: mandated) that we call in the pros. She said that we should get a more accurate picture of whether Gertie will respond well to behavior modification, if she needs medication or if – (sob) – she may need a home without so much going on it. Honestly, I don’t feel like we have that much going on, but I admit that we have a 2-year-old and from time to time like to have people over.

Anyway, here’s the plan: for the next couple weeks or so, this blog is going to shift from being a shapeless, themeless boring journal of my musings, to being a boring blog about all things Gertie. I’m going to be honest (or at least try to be) and candid about this new journey that I fully admit I pushed us into and that we probably should not have taken on at this time. I admit that my heart was incredibly wounded by the loss of Gracie and that I tried to mitigate the loss with┬áthis new crazy Labradoodle. I admit that I probably should have said, “Uh, thanks but we’ll keep looking for our forever dog” when the foster parent said that she barked like crazy at strangers and sometimes even at the people in her own home and that one family had already returned her and another wouldn’t take her home after meeting her. I admit I made a mistake. But now we’ll see how we’re going to fix it. Can Gertie become the total sweetheart of a dog I know she really is? Or will Gertie have to be someone else’s forever dog? Stay tuned. Please.


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