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Not so fast, apparently

So after making the difficult decision that Gertie is not the right dog for us, I filled out the rescue group’s “application” to return the dog. When we adopted Gertie in the first place, we signed a document that said that if we needed to give her up, we needed to contact the rescue group, so I felt obligated to follow that protocol. I went into detail on the application about all of the reasons why Gertie was not the right dog for us, why she is not the right dog for people who live in a busy area, how she is not the right dog for people with small kids or for people who aren’t committed to spending hours and hours a day on training, on trying different medications, on driving her out to the private dog park, etc. I told them about what our vet had said and what the behaviorist said. I told them about the failed barkers’ class. I told them everything. And that was last Tuesday. July 1. Today is July 10. Gertie is still with us.

She has her moments of being sweet, loveable Gertie. But then this morning, she got so excited that she essentially attacked Bear and jumped all over me (both were clearly acts of exuberance, not aggression) and I had to nearly sit on her to get her to settle. Molly was bawling, I was frustrated and upset and Gertie was just Gertie. She moved on to barking uncontrollably at the car door that slammed outside. It’s enough now, and I need the group to take her back in and find her the right home. I need them to give the next family or person the right information and be honest about what this pooch needs. I need to get our life and our home back.

I’m so sorry, Gertie, but it’s time.


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