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Bear’s new bath!




A sunny fall weekend

This past weekend was so beautiful, I decided the only logical way to honor it was by painting this piece of furniture:


See it there? Behind Bear’s Learning Tower or whatever it’s called? Under the fireplace? In front of the windows? Yeah, there’s a little too much going on there. Here it is, outside:


You see, it’s a dark green. Which basically goes with nothing in our house. Nor do I want it to. So, I decided that it needed to be changed. Off came the drawers.


And then AO attempted to sand it.


But that really didn’t work at all. So, I just primed it.



And spray painted the drawer fronts.


And painted the rest of it white.


Well, not all of it. I didn’t think it was necessary to paint the inside of the drawers. Geesh.

And spray painting the pulls was a little nerve-racking, but I think it was ultimately a good idea. Even if I’m going to need to go over them one more time. Voila!


Back in place.


Phoebe loves it.


It’s all about balance

Bear has recently entered the dreaded “Why?” phase. Why this, why that. For example, the following type of exchange is not uncommon:

Me: Molly, will you please eat your egg?

Molly: Why?

Me: Because I don’t want you to get hungry later.

Molly: Why?

Me: Because I love you.

Molly: Why?

Me: Honestly, I’m not sure right now.

Lucky for us, though, she’s also entered the previously-unknown-to-me “baby” phase. This probably sounds bad, but it’s not. She has started calling littler things “baby whatever.” For example, she calls shredded cheese “baby cheese.” This morning I told her it was raining, but when we went outside she discovered it was really just sprinkling. So she told me that it was “baby rain.” Swoon.

Brunchedy brunch

AO and I had been hearing rave reviews about the revamped Tip Top Tavern on the north side for months now, but I admit that it took me by surprise when he suggested we dine there on Sunday. My mom had gifted us a Saturday and most of Sunday Bear-free so that we were able to get a number of errands done, see a movie and take a nap. On Sunday, after completing the Craigslist sale of her Badger tickets at the east side Home Depot, we bought a huge haul of clothes for all three of us at Old Navy. We live exciting lives. After that, with time running out on our kid-free lifestyle, I suggested we eat a meal out on the town. And AO brilliantly suggested it be at the TTT. After a circuitous and construction-laden route to said tavern, we arrived.


Its unassuming exterior makes the inside all the more delightful.


The back bar is super pretty with some sort of navy blue with gold stars wall treatment. The ceiling tiles are creamy goodness. And I don’t usually call creamy things ‘good.’


We were offered a small brunch menu and directed towards the coffee bar. I love get-your-own-coffee places because you don’t have to wait for refills. I ordered a bloody mary, which Aaron dubbed ‘strong’ and I deemed ‘delicious.’ It came with a generous PBR chaser. Also of note: the lone tv was off (I assume this would have been different had the Packers been playing) and some mellow music was coming out of the Bose speakers above the bar. It was a really nice atmosphere.


And the food? Taste-a-licious. I got the rooster, which is a BLT with a fried egg and some sort of “special sauce,” which I requested be omitted. You know how I feel about sauces in general. Adding the word ‘special’ to the sauce makes me all the more worried. Anyway, the sandwich was amazing. I told myself I’d just eat half, but I lied.


The potatoes – a surprise – were crispy and yummy. AO had the pastrami hash, which he wished were a little more hashy (meaning more chopped and diced), but he declared it very good.


All in all, a great looking place, great service and great food. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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