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Say what?

As many of you know, Molly is not always the easiest child to understand. While she is very social and talkative, her speech isn’t crystal-clear. Or even always plastic-clear. While I’ve truly never obsessed over it, it’s something I’ve been monitoring. I don’t want to put on rose-colored glasses and shoo away what appears to be a small problem, only to have it blow up and become much worse than necessary if only I’d opened my eyes sooner. Make sense?

At Molly’s three-year-old pediatrician appointment last month, I took note when the doctor told us that strangers should be able to understand about 75% of what she says. Hmm. Depending on what she chose to talk about with these strangers, I was pretty sure we weren’t there. Not long after the appointment, and despite our lovely pediatrician telling us that Molly wasn’t yet old enough for the school district’s assistance, I checked out the school district’s website. Sure enough, they have a program to screen the development of children ages three to five. I figured, why not ask them and see what they say? They had us fill out a bunch of forms and give Molly some “tests” that required us to point to pictures of, say, a rabbit or a spoon and ask her to say the word. When she did, I would write down the phonetic version of what she said. She got most of them right, but she says, for example, “tar” instead of “car” and “yum” instead of “gum.” It was actually pretty interesting. On Monday, we had our appointment at Lapham with the early education specialists. While Molly played with one of the speech specialists, we talked with another one. I learned a lot. I learned that the hard C is often hard for kids, as is the hard G. R and L have their own difficulties. And then there are the combo sounds like SP and ST. Interestingly, I thought, Molly has her combo sounds down pretty well, but has more difficulty with the hard consonants. Anyway, apparently everything that Molly does is completely developmentally appropriate and the nice specialists didn’t seem to have any concerns at all. We were in and out in just over 45 minutes, sent on our way with worksheets to peruse and exercises to try.

At the end, part of me felt a little guilty for taking up their time when they probably have a million more needy people to help, but part of me feels ok about utilizing a resource available to us to make sure that our little one is getting her needs met. In the end, I learned a lot and I think I feel good about the whole thing.

I’ve also been reminded – AGAIN – that I just talk too fast. Slow. It. Down. Kate.


Freedom! (with super slow internet)

Today (or I guess really as of tomorrow morning), we cut the cord, as the kids are saying. Though I guess the kids actually never had anything to do with the cord in the first place. What am I talking about, Mom?


That’s right. After a harrowing phone call during which I almost caved, I have cut off our cable service. We’ve switched to AT&T’s U-verse internet, which is cheaper and slower, and we’re going to go with rabbit ears, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. I know this is not a perfect solution for a TV junkie like me, but the $183.53 monthly bills are just no longer tolerable. I’ve had Charter for 10 years and there’s never any reward from them for sticking with them. OnDemand works maybe 50% of the time. We have to reset the modem every other week. We watch a ton of Netflix anyway. And it’s just too damn expensive! I’m really worried about how we will watch live sports, but that’s not as much of a concern in the summer. So, for now, this is who we are. Eeks!

The cost chart:

Charter Silver package with fast internet: $183.53 per month. Our price includes HBO, Showtime and Cinemax and tons of HD channels. And one DVR box. We also have been paying $8.43 per month for Netflix, making our total monthly TV and internet costs $191.96 or – gasp! – $2303.52 per year.

Our new life: $31.95 for internet (plus tax, so I’m not sure yet of the total number) + $8.43 for Netflix + $15 for HBO Now + $7.99 for Hulu = $55.38 per month or $664.56 per year, a savings of $1638.96. I suppose that number should be adjusted for whatever the cost of our antennae will be, but it’s still a super significant savings.

I figure that even if we end up going back to Charter for internet, we’ll end up with a better deal than we had because they reward new customers, not long-term ones.

So, away we go!

Still so proud

Thanks for maybe the best sports ride ever, Badgers. You made us laugh and cheer and believe during a gloomy political climate and only slightly less gloomy weather. I’m forever grateful.


World’s shortest restaurant review

We recently had some delicious dim sum treats and a fabulous lunch at Suejo, right down the street from us. Well, not right down. But it is on our street. And while we didn’t walk there, we totally could have. Anyway, I thought it was great. Ever since tasting Vietnamese bun for the first time in Corpus Christi, I’ve had cravings for it that can become kinda overwhelming. Suejo’s version is taste-a-saurus rex.


Excuse the blurriness of the pic. I was pretty excited to dig in. AO liked his ramen dish, as well.


The only thing I didn’t really love was the red and yellow decor, but the Edison light bulbs were a nice touch. Suejo, thanks. We’ll be back. The end.

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