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Freedom! (with super slow internet)

Today (or I guess really as of tomorrow morning), we cut the cord, as the kids are saying. Though I guess the kids actually never had anything to do with the cord in the first place. What am I talking about, Mom?


That’s right. After a harrowing phone call during which I almost caved, I have cut off our cable service. We’ve switched to AT&T’s U-verse internet, which is cheaper and slower, and we’re going to go with rabbit ears, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. I know this is not a perfect solution for a TV junkie like me, but the $183.53 monthly bills are just no longer tolerable. I’ve had Charter for 10 years and there’s never any reward from them for sticking with them. OnDemand works maybe 50% of the time. We have to reset the modem every other week. We watch a ton of Netflix anyway. And it’s just too damn expensive! I’m really worried about how we will watch live sports, but that’s not as much of a concern in the summer. So, for now, this is who we are. Eeks!

The cost chart:

Charter Silver package with fast internet: $183.53 per month. Our price includes HBO, Showtime and Cinemax and tons of HD channels. And one DVR box. We also have been paying $8.43 per month for Netflix, making our total monthly TV and internet costs $191.96 or – gasp! – $2303.52 per year.

Our new life: $31.95 for internet (plus tax, so I’m not sure yet of the total number) + $8.43 for Netflix + $15 for HBO Now + $7.99 for Hulu = $55.38 per month or $664.56 per year, a savings of $1638.96. I suppose that number should be adjusted for whatever the cost of our antennae will be, but it’s still a super significant savings.

I figure that even if we end up going back to Charter for internet, we’ll end up with a better deal than we had because they reward new customers, not long-term ones.

So, away we go!


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