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Finally! A mood board on the blog!

I’ve written this post three times now. Lots of technical problems today. Oy. Let me just try to see if I can get the pic in before I throw the computer against the wall. Geesh, WordPress. Or is it Apple’s fault. Perish the thought that it’s mine.

Hooray! It’s up! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a mood board like this for what feels like FOREVER. And today I finally found the Moldiv app. It’s too soon to give it five stars, and certainly too soon to say I know what I’m doing, but this has gotten me closer than anything else so far. Hoo. Ray.

And you see, if I had a fancy blog, or wrote for a magazine, I’d then take the above and do a little something like this:

  1. Crate & Barrel Scholar Sideboard, $599
  2. CB2 Alba Credenza, $599
  3. West Elm Modern Buffet, $799
  4. CB2 Suspend Media Console, $899
  5. West Elm Reclaimed Wood + Lacquer Buffet, $1299
  6. CB2 Saga Credenza, $599
  7. IKEA Hemnes Sideboard, $299

Thoughts on the board?

UPDATE: Wallpaper mood board:



Will the tent be done this week?!


Bitten off a bit more than I can …


Feel free to take note of the sewing reference book open, as well as the iPad on top of it. I had to teach myself a few new skillz. The idea behind all of this? Well, I waned to buy Mollybear one of these:

Home Sweet Play Home Canopy (Pink Ombre)

But, at $159, and $199 with the cushion, I didn’t really feel like it. I mean, come on, it’s just a bunch of fabric, right? I’ll show Land of Nod a thing or two, I thought. They’ll come crawling to me, asking me to whip up new models for them. I seriously had delusions of a new career. Tee to the hee on me.

I bought this pattern from Etsy for about $7 with shipping. Score! Then I bought a boatload of super cheap pink fabric from Joann’s because Bear insisted on a pink tent and I wasn’t going to buy expensive fabric for my first go-round at this thing. The fabric for the main part of the tent cost me $30. I decided that to save money, and to offset the wow-factor of the hot pink, I’d use some corduroy aqua blue fabric that I already had for the top. And then I splurged on this super duper cute fabric for the cushion and the back pockets.

Super Kids Super Girls Primary

I mean, what? Could that get any cuter? At first Bear pretended she didn’t like it, but come on. She’s not fooling me. So, two¬†weekends ago I finally dove into the project. About four hours in, I realized that I had cut my pieces all wrong. And I hadn’t even begun sewing yet. Last weekend, I started sewing. About an hour in, I realized that not only had I cut the fabric incorrectly, I hadn’t even cut enough of it. Although I had spent over four hours cutting out the pattern and then the fabric, I still hadn’t cut enough. Wonderful! My thoughts of a second career were starting to subside. When I reached hour six of sewing and recutting and resewing and recutting I realized that $200 for that Land of Nod tent was a steal!

Our dining room table still looks pretty much like the above picture. Yesterday I managed to buy one yard of the supposed five-plus yards of Velcro the project demands (it’s all Walgreens had and I didn’t have the energy to figure out how to get more). I still need to buy an S-hook and a few other things, and to sew the top. And the cushion. And figure out how to open the doors. I think I may have sewn them shut. And poor Bear. She keeps asking when her pink tent will be ready. In the meantime, AO has fastened a very nifty tent out of two chairs, some painters’ tape and a blanket. It didn’t cost us an additional dime and he was done with it in about two minutes. Though I did hear him complain once that the blanket fell down on his first attempt.

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