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On the other hand…

In pretty stark contrast to my experience with West Elm last week was the not-unexpected, but nonetheless outstanding, experience I had with Crate and Barrel, which seems intent on just killing it customer-service-wise. You see, it was the second night of Hanukkah when I realized that we didn’t have any candles to light the menorah. AO didn’t seem particularly troubled by this, but Bear likes that menorah so I thought I should at least try to remedy the situation. AO informed me that the candles are expensive, but I found these guys for under $8, which was even less than Amazon was charging. If it’s less than Amazon is charging it is de facto a good deal. Without doing the math, I assume 45 candles is what you need to get you through one Hanukkah season. But because I’m a sucker for free shipping, and I didn’t want to get caught candle-less in the future, I put in an order for seven boxes. That’s right. SEVEN BOXES. Because there’s a C&B in Milwaukee and the HQ is in Chicago, we usually get C&B orders within about two days. I figured we’d be lighting the menorah by Wednesday. Well, Wednesday came and went without a candle delivery and, when I checked in on the order on Thursday, C&B was telling me that they hadn’t even shipped yet. Eeks! So, I did what any good, non-Jew would do and I contacted the store by live chat to see if I could maybe go ahead and cancel the order because I really didn’t want 315 blue ombre candles to arrive after Hanukkah. But guess what C&B did? They said, “Hey weirdo, it’s a crazy time of year so you don’t always get your packages as soon as you normally would (except they didn’t say that part at all and instead just said the next part), but how would you like us to just upgrade you to overnight shipping? You’ll get those candles tomorrow.” And that’s just what they did. We got seven boxes of candles overnight-ed to us so that we could light that menorah for the three remaining nights of Hanukkah! And what did we do!?

We remembered to light it one of those three nights. But, now we have lots and lots of candles for several Hanukkahs to come. Thanks again, Crate and Barrel. It was a Hanukkah miracle.


Nope. Wait, yes. And no.

As you know, Dear Reader, I spent a lot of time recently agonizing over the Great Sideboard Debate of 2015. While real issues plague the world, and the great state of Wisconsin continues to crumble, I thought I could do some good by brightening my dining room and bringing some control to the chaos of the house. While I valued all of the other opinions I got, I went with my gut and chose the Modern Buffet from West Elm in white. Unlike many of the other pieces I had debated buying, I had had been able to see the WE piece in person. But, if I’m honest, that’s not really what did it. I just found it swoon-worthy. I liked the nod to mid-century, but the white added the modern effect I wanted. And because I had some reward dollars, I figured I could bite the bullet on the delivery cost. It was in the mid-to-high range compared to the cost of the others I was considering, but I didn’t want to buy another ho-hum piece just to save money because I knew I’d end up selling it in a couple of years and buying something else, ultimately spending more. So, the Modern Buffet won out. And, I honestly love it.


It’s got a great amount of storage while also being smaller than our last piece that was there (which took up too much room), it’s as sleek in person as it looks in the pictures and it’s simple. It’s probably not the highest quality, as I’ve noticed I sometimes have trouble getting the drawers to be flush when closed. But, it’s pretty. So. Pretty.

But then I noticed a funny thing. West Elm has now discounted the piece $240 from when I bought it a short three months ago. Two. Hundred. Forty. Dollars. That’s a lot of dollars. So, I contacted them to see what they may offer to do. I asked for a price adjustment or a discount or something. I honestly didn’t expect a lot, but I thought they might toss a coupon at me because, frankly, really?! That’s a pretty significant cut to a piece that people so recently forked over a lot for. Anyway, the first message I received was, “Nope. We don’t do that.” Or something along those lines. I wasn’t surprised, but I said that I was disappointed. In my first email, I’d sent a link to my blog and Instagram to show how into the piece I’d been. In this second email I said that I’d put their response up on the blog. I know that this wasn’t exactly a terrifying threat, but I like to blog about customer service, so I thought, why not just tell them? Well! I then got a response back that said that while they could no longer give me a price adjustment, they could send me a merchandise card for the difference. Darn it if that didn’t just sound like the bees’ knees! Suddenly I felt like I was dealing with Crate and Barrel!* I got so excited.

And then today? I open up my email and there is a great big, “J to the K” staring at me. This is what it says,

Hello Kate,

Thank you for contacting west elm.

It is always difficult when we must tell our customers we aren’t able to fulfill an offer another associate has offered. However, in this instance, we must. Our sales price adjustments cannot be extended beyond orders having been placed 30 days previously or orders that have already shipped. Unfortunately, as your order had been placed over 90 days ago, we are not able to honor a sales price adjustment. I sincerely apologize for the incorrect information previously offered and any inconvenience this may have caused.

If we may be of any further assistance, please contact us via email.  Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Service Department directly at 1(866) 937-8356 from 5:00am to 9:00pm (PST) Monday-Friday or 6:00am to 6:00pm (PST) Saturday-Sunday.

Kind regards,

Xxxx Xxxx

west elm

Customer Service

I have decided to redact this poor customer service rep’s name because I realize it is not her fault (I don’t think) that she doesn’t get to work for Crate and Barrel or Minted or or any of the other amazing companies out there that are killing it with their treatment of the consumer. But, WHAT?!?!? First, the second woman did not say she was giving a price adjustment. In fact, she specifically said she couldn’t do that, but she could do something else. But this email sure makes it sound like nothing else will be done. Second, argh.

No, yes, no.

I still love the sideboard, but this is just annoying.

UPDATE: And after much emailing back and forth in which I expressed my disappointment over WE not following through, they have agreed (for the moment) to send me an $80.20 gift card (how they arrived at that number, I have no idea). So, we’ll see what tomorrow’s email says.

*Crate and Barrel recently price-matched something that was selling for less on Amazon and it really couldn’t have been easier to have them do it. I mean, I suppose it took a little time on the phone, but the woman was super nice and the whole process was dreamy. C&B forever!

Think pink

My overall plan with the new digs was to concentrate on making the big pieces neutral and throwing in pops of color. As in, say, light gray walls and white furnishings with an orange chevron pillow. But then I couldn’t stand the way the kitchen was looking at me anymore, so this happened.


And I’m so glad it did. From there, it was really a short hop on over to this.


And another view (please excuse the plastic in the foreground and Molly’s step-stool-y thing in the background, as well as any other extraneous stuff that makes the shot less than ideal).


So, a very pink rug has landed in our dining room and I think I can say pretty confidently that we’re all really pleased with it.* And I can also say that my overall plan is still mostly intact. Light gray walls, white and gray furniture. And pops of color. My pops of color just got a little bit bigger, that’s all.

And someday I’ll be able to replace all of those dining room chairs with these lovelies and things will be more streamlined.

*And thanks to Mags for the tip on the sale at where we scored this beauty for just over $200.

December 2015

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