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She just picks up a basket and goes in … Cheetos, doughnuts, strawberries, blackberries, deli Jell-0 (hello!), Rice Krispies, beef sticks … It was odd.  



Papering tables

Remember when the GAOOG did her guest post and the world went bananas for it? Well, I wanted in on that action. And what better opportunity for me to jump into the world of self-adhesive wallpaper than Chasing Paper‘s recent cutting room floor sale? I can think of none. So last week – fueled on by a cute email offering me free shipping – I sprung for a piece and it arrived days later at our door. I had no idea where I was going to put it, but since when does that stop me from pulling out my pocketbook? Unfortunately, pretty much never. Why does this paragraph have so many rhetorical questions? No clue.


Anyway, as you can see, the print is way cute. The flowers were much bigger than I had thought they’d be but this is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just an observation. After walking around the house for a bit, I settled on papering these Ikea bedside tables of ours.


You can’t really tell from this picture, but the finish on the tops are not great (especially on mine given that on most nights, I can be found with three to four different beverages on the night stand) and could tolerate a new look. So, after measuring them, I cut the paper significantly too big. So then I trimmed it. And trimmed it again. And again. And then stuck it in place.


Using my debit card (not an old credit card because I do not have expired cards lying around), I tried to smooth out the bubbles, but it didn’t really work all that well. I’m darn happy with the overall result, though.


For $20, I got a 2′ by 4′ piece of this beautiful paper (that is super thick and almost fabric-like, by the way), which was more than enough to cover two tables. I have some paper left over (and would have had more manageable pieces if I hadn’t been such a dunderhead about mis-measuring in the first place) and might try it on a couple of other things. I now really want to get cracking on wallpapering our powder room.


Girls: redux

Ok, is it me that has changed or the show or both? BUT I THINK IT IS KILLING IT THIS SEASON. Lena Dunham, I know you’re unabashedly Team Hillz and I don’t love that, but I’m loving the show so I’m going to deal with it. Wowsers. Maybe I just never got it in the first place, but I gotta say I’m all in now. 


What is going on with me and this blog? Are we even friends any more? I think it’s one of those common situations where time has just gotten away from us and each of us keeps waiting for the other one to reach one … So, I decided today that I’d be the one to do so. And here I am. Hello, old friend. How have you been?

Although I swear I saw flurries in the backyard this morning as Phoebe barked incessantly to be let back in, I’ve decided that it is, indeed, spring and that I must get cracking on my spring to-do list. What does that list have on it? I’m so glad you asked. And so is Aaron.

  • Hanging the sewing room chandelier
  • Painting the guest room
  • Installing some cool board and batten in that same room
  • Hanging another roman shade in that very same room (that guest room is going to be ready for all of our summer guests)*
  • Figuring out what the he%$ is going on with the attic**
  • Wallpapering something (even if it’s self-adhesive wallpaper and the subject is a vase)

And that’s just the indoors! And just the house! Well, what else is there, right? Jk. It’s almost festival season! Oy vey. I just need this weather to start to show some signs of life and we’ll be all set.


*At press time, I’m not aware of us hosting any guests this summer. I anticipate that changing once pics of the guest room go viral.

**More on this later.

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