White chocolate

When I was in third grade (or so), there was a kid in our class who was from Germany and I’m pretty sure he was with us for only a year. I don’t remember his name, but I remember that his mom insisted that everyone in his class be invited to his bday party, which included moi.

And then! I remember this kinda oddness – there was a boys and girls separation. I don’t know that anyone cared, but it was odd. Why invite us all only to separate us?! Anyway, I think the bozos played soccer or something while we were introduced to the most delicious sweet on the planet: white chocolate. And we played a game and there was a block of chocolate. And a knife. And it was incredibly awesome.

And I don’t even want to hear it. Because it is so yums; it’s amazing.

Anyway, after dreaming of that day for 30+ years, I decided to use ye olde google to see where it could lead me, and I discovered this immediately. And after wondering all this time if I really had dreamed the whole thing, I feel I’ve been verified.


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