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Spidey sense: I have none.

### McCarthy was fired tonight* ###

So Aaron has a year to get it together with a new coach. And if not? They trade him?! Horrors!!!! But is that what he wants?!? That maybe scares me more!!

Is this a set up? Is this . . . I can’t print it. Why isn’t he playing Rodgers-like? Has he had it with Green Bay? The organization? The city? Trading Jordy?!

Or is it his knee? His age? Or is it nothing and just a crappy year?!

I. Don’t. Know.

But I’m scared.

We love you, Aaron. Happy birthday.

*I really love McCarthy and think he’s a damn fine coach. I thought he did a crazy-good job navigating us through the wackadoodle years and then got us a Super Bowl ring. So hats off to that good egg. Love you, Mike.

**Also, let me be clear. I’m not remotely suggesting AR is PURPOSELY NOT HITTING ROUTES. No. Omg. NO. I’m just wondering if he’s pissed at something we could help with . . . the scotch, steaks, vegan whatever?! We are Wisconsin, but we really are quite civilized and have most products folks need. Plus, we have the internet.