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Check check check

Not that it’s of any real import, but I’ll be back soon! You’ve been warned.

And I’m happy. And may have some things to say about movies. And tv. But I gotta get some material under my belt.




Today’s news smites more than I care to admit. I need to regroup, consider my professional future, and figure some things out.

Be good to yourselves, friends.

The end of an era

Almost five years to the day later, Mollybear’s time at Woodland Montessori has come to a close. And, as I walked to the car after dropping her off for her last morning, the emotions that come with that hit me hard. I knew I’d feel sad thinking about the passage of time and lament losing the cocoon-feeling of Woodland, but I didn’t know that it would make me feel a little lonely.

I got in the car and watched the younger children play on the playground and I watched  teachers Molly had had in the past mill about, chatting with other parents who still had years left with the school to enjoy. And I thought about how my family is just a little blip in the fabric of the school, but how these five years have left a deep impression on the three of us that we will surely feel for a lifetime.

I thought back to the decision to choose Woodland all of those years ago, letting go of our other option, and jumping into this expensive, inconvenient, beautiful wonderland. I was nervous, but felt so much joy and gratitude that we were able to be a part of and participate in this thoughtful community. And while there have been bumps along the way (mostly because I don’t deal with any change well), the past five years have been more than we could have hoped for. We will miss you, Woodland. Thanks for everything.

Our newest addition

Meet the Roccbox.







My dad

I miss him.

I love him.

He was a lot.

But I can’t even begin to discuss how lucky I am to have known him.