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Helmet to helmet

I biked into work today on my little 3-speed bike.  Only it’s not little and I think the cute basket alone adds 10 minutes to my ride when there’s a strong head-wind.  And by strong I mean any sort of breeze.  Basically, I need to get in better shape.  I almost didn’t wear my helmet this morning because I was so upset by our union meeting last night, but I caved at the last minute because if there’s one thing I learned from AmeriCrap, it’s safety first. 

Union meeting.  Ugh.  As some of you know, I’ve been actively annoyed with our union situation as of late.  It’s so hard to talk about without feeling like I sound really greedy, but getting a raise once in awhile would be nice.  With our union, the basic problem is that the top folks (over 50% of our union) move further away from us at the bottom (under 20% of our union).  This is too boring and frustrating to talk about here.

But guess what?  It happened again!  I had an interview two Saturdays ago for a server position at Vin Santo, a really great, small Italian family-run restaurant in Middleton.  I thought it went really well — we laughed a lot, talked about all sorts of stuff, she gave me a menu to take home, blah blah.  She called me about five days later to tell me that she’d hired someone else, but would give me a call if that didn’t work out.  I was fine with it because, truthfully, I don’t want to make a second career out of waiting tables and she made it clear that they want someone long term.  I didn’t really know how I should handle it had I been offered the job because while I wanted it, I didn’t want to screw them over by leaving when we got a raise here (which, of course, isn’t really going to happen given the Union debacle — isn’t this such a symbiotic post?).  At Sundance, or a corporate place like that, I don’t feel that guilt.  But at a smally, family-owned restaurant where none of the chairs match and look like they may have been salvaged from Ogg Hall before the wrecking balls came, I feel more responsibility.  Ok, so my point is, when she called to tell me they went with someone else, I was mostly relieved. 

And then today I checked Craig’s List and, guess what, Vin Santo is looking for a server.


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