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Who wants to go with me?

Goodness, he continues to amaze.


Derivative much?

I know people love Aaron Sorkin. And as you may know, I am not one of them.*  I just think his writing is annoying and most of his characters are self-righteous and smug. I feel like most of his work is pretty much the same as his other work (exception: see footnote), which wouldn’t be a problem for me if I liked it in the first place. I had no idea, though, the extent of his self-plagiarism. Holy cow! (Thanks to AO for sending me the link and this one too). Mostly I think it’s funny, though some seem like a stretch (“Really?”), but finding out he stole from that beautiful Tom Hanks Oscar speech? I’m pissed. That’s so not cool.

*I do, though, LOVE A Few Good Men and could watch it all the time. Seriously. It never gets old.

More proof that Ebert was a gift from above

Aaron sent me this a few weeks ago and, for reasons I can’t fully explain, I just got to reading it today. Oh, Roger. Thank you.

This movie doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels.

Good God. And then there’s this.

RIP, Mr. Ebert

Roger Ebert has left us, which makes me so damn sad. Sometimes I think of all of the amazing writers who have been part of this world and how lucky I feel to have had them among us.

I posted this story more than three years ago, but I think it’s a great story so I’m posting it again.

Rest in peace, Mr. Ebert. The world is a better place for having had you in it. Thank you for everything.

And the Oscar goes to…

Sara made a good point in her comment on the last post: why are we not talking Oscar noms? Ok, she didn’t really say that, but I read between the lines. Kate, stop talking about your boring existence and get to the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It’s a message I eagerly receive.

Ok, so I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: it’s completely annoying to nominate more than five films for best picture of the year. Maybe I could handle six nominees. Seven? I think that’s a stretch. The current nine nominee format is ridiculous. It dilutes the whole idea of being a nominee. Yes, I know there are a million films made a year (maybe slightly less), but still: narrow it %$#@#$%$#@ down!

Here are my thoughts:

Argo: Loved it. So fun & fun & fun. Best picture? Nah. But, it was good and I suggest you see it. Despite what the dumbest review on the planet says. Read the comments: they’re hilarious.

Amour: No clue. Haven’t seen it and I don’t think it’s chez Madison yet. It somehow irks me, though, that it can be nominated in the best pic category and the best foreign film category. AO asked me why I felt this way. I can’t really articulate it, but I think it’s because it seems like there shouldn’t be a separate category for best foreign film if foreign films are in the best film category. It also seems like it’s a given it’ll win best foreign film when they set it up this way. Why the separation? Just. Seems. Weird.

Beasts of the Southern Wild: I haven’t seen it, but the trailer for it sure looked cool. Still, I think it has no shot at winning.

Lincoln: Didn’t really want to see it, but I pretty much adored it. I don’t think it’s possible to see the movie and not think it’s amazing. During the movie, I turned to AO and said, “I’m pretty sure that Daniel Day-Lewis and Lincoln are the same person.” In addition to amazing performances (James Spader?) and compelling subject matter, the movie has so much humor in it that the whole product leaves almost nothing to criticize. I predict it’ll win best picture and DDL best actor. After seeing it, I thought this a given, but now I’m not so sure because I’ve seen…

Silver Linings Playbook: Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. This movie has it all: a story that is quiet and unassuming, brilliant acting from every.single.person, a dance montage, a sweet love story, gambling, hilariousness, painfully-felt emotion and an incredibly satisfying ending. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I don’t think it’ll win best picture or director, but I think best supporting actor nominee, De Niro, and best supporting actress, Jacki Weaver, have a real shot. At least they would if I were voting. Especially Weaver.

Django Unchained: Holy ^&*$%#@*!& crap. This movie blew me away. Blew. Me. Away. Despite what my dad would tell you (see Argument #579472862836 between Kate & Bill, ca. 1994, in re: Pulp Fiction), I’ve never been a big fan of Quentin Tarantino. I don’t think I’ve seen Inglorious Basterds all the way through, but what I have seen I found pretty damn good. Django Unchained is more than pretty damn good. It may even be brilliant. There are a few parts I definitely could have done without, but overall holy fun! Aesthetically, the pic is a gem and Chistoph Waltz’s performance alone is worth the price of admission. Yes, it’s violent. Yes, it’s bloody. But you know what? It’s essentially a war movie and I found it way, way less horrific than most war movies I’ve seen. And a million times more fun.

Life of Pi: I haven’t seen it and – gasp – I pretty much have no desire to see it. I read a few pages of the book at some point, based on peer pressure, but it didn’t take. I’m just not that interested in this story. I apologize to any one offended by my disinterest.

Les Mis: I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to. I’m just not really a musical person. I think I may have thought I was at some point, but it’s not really true. After AO & I found our seats at the Overture Center for the Wicked performance, I immediately turned to him and said, “Crap. It’s a musical.” Um, hello? I bought the tickets. I knew it was a musical. I ultimately really liked it, but boy was I nervous. I don’t think I’ll be seeing Les Mis anytime soon. Or ever. I hear, though, that Ms. Hathaway’s performance is superb. I consider her a strong contender for an award.

Zero Dark Thirty: I haven’t seen it but I CAN’T WAIT until I do. I mean, I can, but I don’t want to. Please let me see this movie soon.

Here are my totally amateur predictions about the big six:

Best pic: Lincoln

Best director: Steven Spielberg

Best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

Best actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Best supporting actress:* Anne Hathaway

Best supporting actor:* Christoph Waltz

*I think the best supporting categories are crazy-packed with amazing performances!