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Things I don’t understand but thanks to Wikipedia now do

Obviously, this list is not comprehensive.  In fact, it’s just one thing.  But I am considering making this a regular column. 

What is Ruth’s Chris Steak House?  I mean, I know what it is, but why on earth does it have that bizarre and difficult-to-say-without-spitting-all-over-myself name?  Well, after years of headscratching, I went to the all-knowing Wikipedia and learned that a woman named Ruth bought a steakhouse in 1965.  The name of the steakhouse she bought?  You guessed it, Dominick’s Steak-and-Shake.  Just kidding.  Chris Steak House.  No possessive apostrophe, apparently.  So now we have the oddly named Ruth’s Chris Steak House, which must have seemed to make sense at the time.  By the way, I think steakhouse should be one word. 

Any other mysteries you’d like me to solve by using Wikipedia?  Let me know because I’m on it!


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Scissors still life. #scissors #thecraftersbox
omgomgomgomgomg. It’s no joke, folks. THE TODAY SHOW. #sarayublue #ifeelbad #nbctv #soproud
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Sleep in safety. Sleep without stress. Sleep without worry. Things children all over the world should be able to do. But those kids who have set foot on this soil after bearing untold abuses and have asked for asylum from us—literally begged us for help, throwing themselves on our mercy—have been tossed aside and, I imagine, can’t sleep. . . . They’ve been treated not only like they’ve done something wrong (they haven’t), but treated in a way we don’t—or shouldn’t—treat any child in this country. We don’t put children in cages. We don’t make children sleep on floors. We don’t separate them from their families. In fact, when these things happen to children, we usually file criminal charges against the perpetrators. This must stop. . . . #stopthemadness #reunitefamilies #asylumseekers #choosekindness #hurryupmueller
My love. She loves to sleep on the floor. I swear: she has a bed. We have several. Couches too! But I get to see her like this every night and we both get to feel so safe . . . On the other hand, there are those who can’t feel safe at night bc of our country’s ridiculous policy. The #GOP has decided that the world’s current horrors weren’t enough that they needed to up the ante and add their own voice to the unending madness. And they did . . . Separating asylum-seeking mothers and fathers from their children. That’s the #GOPlegacy. Does it get more horrific?! People fleeing horrendous abuses, throwing themselves on our mercy and, instead of kindness, we shower them with incivility, treating them as criminals, stealing their children and tossing them in detention. Where is your soul, #GOP?! . . . #resist #impeachmentyesterday #impeachmentnow #bluewave #votethemout #noexcuse
Sleepy wheaten. #wheatenterrier #wheatensofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

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