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Summer 2018

Where. Does. The. Time. Go. Go Brewers!

Still so proud

Thanks for maybe the best sports ride ever, Badgers. You made us laugh and cheer and believe during a gloomy political climate and only slightly less gloomy weather. I’m forever grateful.




Breakfast at Wimbledon

It used to be that, too often, I would miss the Wimbledon finals because I wouldn’t get out of bed in time to catch it. This was especially true of the women’s finals (because the match is usually shorter – often significantly so). Well, goodbye to those days! This morning, I’m annoyed it’s taking so long to start! Here I am, drinking my third cup of coffee at 8:07 a.m., having been waiting patiently (or not so much) since a little after 5 a.m. Let’s get this thing started already! We’re tired of waiting…

Gracie is ready to go.

Gracie is ready to go.

Bear & Piglet, eagerly awaiting the match.

Bear & Piglet, eagerly awaiting the match.


Packer love

I just love him. If he breaks my heart like that guy whose name I don’t speak, I don’t know what I’ll do. For now, though, I swoon.