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RIP, Robin Williams

I can’t say anything meaningful on the passing of one of the world’s most vibrant talents. I’ve been devouring the tributes and the memories that have recently been written about him. Given how much of him we have seen and heard over the years, it’s obviously not shocking to learn that he was dealing with such horrible demons, but it’s nevertheless devastating to hear that he fell to such ultimate pain. I am immensely sorry for him, his family and, frankly, for all of us. Robin Williams was one-of-a-kind and, I think, that this is a brilliant story that beautifully illustrates his importance. Kudos, once again, to Dahlia Lithwick for having such a lovely (and I mean that literally) voice.


A year in the life of a babe and what I’m obsessed with watching now

Well, this is certainly something.

Also, who’s watching True Detective?! I cannot believe they’re going to wrap all this up in just one more hour. I suppose maybe they won’t ‘wrap it all up,’ but I’ll be pretty annoyed if there aren’t some concrete answers. I think there will be. I’m just far from sure what they are.

Late night

This decision to put Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show – and Fallon’s acceptance of the job – is the best thing that’s happened EVER. EVER. EVER.

Ok, maybe not ever. But it’s a really good decision. The video clip is an absolute delight.

TV Tuesday: Sorkin redux

I know I have the wrong audience here for this topic. As witnessed here. Crickets. And I know I don’t have too much of an audience to begin with. In fact, even using the word ‘audience’ is something I should probably never do.

That said, and with the risk that I may lose the few readers and Spam-ites I do have (including my own mother), I can’t stop myself from posting this quote from an article in last year’s New Yorker that made me laugh out loud. It’s about The Newsroom.

Sorkin’s shows are the type that people who never watch TV are always claiming are better than anything else on TV.”

I know there’s always someone out there to back up whatever position you need support for, but this one quote really made me smile. It didn’t hurt that the author called Parks and Rec, a personal fave, “the one excellent political series on tv.”

Anyway, Newsroom fans, I hope we can still be friends.

Derivative much?

I know people love Aaron Sorkin. And as you may know, I am not one of them.*  I just think his writing is annoying and most of his characters are self-righteous and smug. I feel like most of his work is pretty much the same as his other work (exception: see footnote), which wouldn’t be a problem for me if I liked it in the first place. I had no idea, though, the extent of his self-plagiarism. Holy cow! (Thanks to AO for sending me the link and this one too). Mostly I think it’s funny, though some seem like a stretch (“Really?”), but finding out he stole from that beautiful Tom Hanks Oscar speech? I’m pissed. That’s so not cool.

*I do, though, LOVE A Few Good Men and could watch it all the time. Seriously. It never gets old.

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