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This thing on?

For anyone still out there, I’m so interested in coming back. I have so much interest in writing posts—especially about the movies I just saw on the plane to Italy! And . . . We’re moving. So that means new paint and rugs and furniture and blurgs.


Like lighting, I’m also pretty obsessed with windows.

And now I’m in love with this post so I’m putting it here for us.

New recommendation!

I’ve been slacking in media recs for a bit (read: decade) but here’s a new one in a genre I wish we saw more of: You from Netflix. It’s a dark comedy, a la Dexter (and also based on books from what I understand), though it’s far more sexual and not as sophisticated nor beautifully photographed or acted. That said, the show is a total delight! Penn Badgley is INCREDIBLE as Joe, doing an Adam Brody as Michael C. Hall, which is Ahmazing! The show really is funny and weird and fun and tense and suspenseful without the viewer having too much on the line (I mean that in a good way). Just great entertainment.

And there’s an overriding theme of both tactile books and storytelling, which is fun. The physical books are a beautiful background to the crazy story. And every time Zach Cherry (I Feel Bad) is on screen, we all take note.

But the show is not without its probs and I’ll just one note one. I think binge-watching it in particular may have really highlighted the shortcomings of the depth (excuse the weirdness of that phrase) of the writing for Beck, Joe’s love interest, an aspiring writer. Beck started out strong but as the series played out, I realized how oddly underdrawn she was. Listening to her call herself a mess in nearly every episode while always sporting a perfect blowout was rough. But hearing her always whine about how she should be writing, but she couldn’t write, made me want to scream, “Maybe you need to find something else to do. Or something to do.” Oy. And let’s not get started on the Salinger business. She really bought that agent stuff?! But it’s a credit to Elizabeth Lail, who plays Beck, that I wanted to stick with her—and I really did—because the writing for her often made it difficult.

But seriously. That was fun. Bring on season two!!


We’re heading to Italy in March, people, which means getting our ducks in a row. And for me that means renewing my passport. And with that comes the dreaded passport photo. So after putting this necessity off to the point where I was risking not being able to join my most loved ones in my most loved land, I decided to procrastinate a little more by doing research on passport photo-takers. I knew the old standby, Walgreens, was an option, but I’ve never cared for them much and the recent news that they support the morally bankrupt Wisconsin GOP led me to think maybe I could do better. And indeed, I was right! In many ways. Here’s my breakdown on cost and assessment.

Walgreens: $14.99 and it’s Walgreens. Ew.

AAA: $8 (if you’re a member). Great, but ehrmigerd where is there a AAA these days?!

Costco: $4.99 and it’s COSTCO!!

Costco saves the day again.

La fine.






Spidey sense: I have none.

### McCarthy was fired tonight* ###

So Aaron has a year to get it together with a new coach. And if not? They trade him?! Horrors!!!! But is that what he wants?!? That maybe scares me more!!

Is this a set up? Is this . . . I can’t print it. Why isn’t he playing Rodgers-like? Has he had it with Green Bay? The organization? The city? Trading Jordy?!

Or is it his knee? His age? Or is it nothing and just a crappy year?!

I. Don’t. Know.

But I’m scared.

We love you, Aaron. Happy birthday.

*I really love McCarthy and think he’s a damn fine coach. I thought he did a crazy-good job navigating us through the wackadoodle years and then got us a Super Bowl ring. So hats off to that good egg. Love you, Mike.

**Also, let me be clear. I’m not remotely suggesting AR is PURPOSELY NOT HITTING ROUTES. No. Omg. NO. I’m just wondering if he’s pissed at something we could help with . . . the scotch, steaks, vegan whatever?! We are Wisconsin, but we really are quite civilized and have most products folks need. Plus, we have the internet.

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