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I would really like to buy a Victorian house. Or an Italianate. But something built between, say, 1850 and 1910. Please, and thank you.


White chocolate

When I was in third grade (or so), there was a kid in our class who was from Germany and I’m pretty sure he was with us for only a year. I don’t remember his name, but I remember that his mom insisted that everyone in his class be invited to his bday party, which included moi.

And then! I remember this kinda oddness – there was a boys and girls separation. I don’t know that anyone cared, but it was odd. Why invite us all only to separate us?! Anyway, I think the bozos played soccer or something while we were introduced to the most delicious sweet on the planet: white chocolate. And we played a game and there was a block of chocolate. And a knife. And it was incredibly awesome.

And I don’t even want to hear it. Because it is so yums; it’s amazing.

Anyway, after dreaming of that day for 30+ years, I decided to use ye olde google to see where it could lead me, and I discovered this immediately. And after wondering all this time if I really had dreamed the whole thing, I feel I’ve been verified.

Summer 2018

Where. Does. The. Time. Go. Go Brewers!


Bouqs. They’re driving me crazy.

#bouqs #websitefail #customerservicefail #subscriptionfail #deliveryfail

But great flowers.

The end.


Molly has been working hard on her joke repertoire lately. She’s had a lot of misses, but some pretty great hits. For example, a couple of weeks ago when it had gotten really chilly again (read: snowstorm) she declared that spring had gone on spring break. I thought that was pretty clever. But this morning, she truly knocked it out of the park.

Let me set the scene. I was grabbing a Coke from the fridge and she noticed that there was then only one remaining. She knows that I can become annoyed when this happens because the extra Cokes are in the basement and I just do not go down there. So, Molly dramatically called the sole Coke to my attention with, “Mommy, do you see that there’s only one Coke left?!?” And then Aaron let out a sigh, commenting that he would get to the restocking later and blah blah blah.

But Molly was having none of it. She exited stage right and declared the whole situation a:


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