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Step three? I hope you’re seated!

In a shocking turnabout, we’ve decided to take the house (er, condo) off the market.  What?  But, Kate, you just put it on the market!  I know, I know.  But, in getting ready for last week’s open house (to which only one, but seemingly genuinely, guy attended and liked the place); I pretty much came to the conclusion that it was not the right time to move; that I love the place; that I love the location; and that moving now is just not necessary.  I know, peeps, you must be shocked and worried about my mental health.  I assure you all is ok (or, rather, as ok as it has been).

So, stay tuned for possible updates on fixer-upper stuff…And if anyone has advice or suggestions on peeps to talk to/hire about doing kitchen or “lover level” (I’ve decided calling it the basement is just bad sense) remodeling, I’d love to hear it…

And stay tuned for pics from the 3rd annual Cambridge, WI Barktoberfest!  Though damn chilly (the snow held off!), it was a fun time for peeps and hounds.  Wait, wait…here they are!  Make sure to try to fully understand the size of the English Mastiff (200 lbs.); my pics don’t do him justice.

UPDATE: Design appointment scheduled with Big Box Depot on Thursday evening.


From the jaws

I really hope my mom and Terry see this.  They have wheatens.  Click on the video.  The dog is pretty damn cute.

I wonder if I could have done that for Graciehead.  The only thing I don’t like about the article is the part in which the son says that he doesn’t like calling Mandy a ‘dog,’ that it seems demeaning.  Um, what?  Aside from the fact that she is a dog and there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m fairly certain she doesn’t really care what you call her.  It reminds me of the time I was calling to book a kennel for Graceface years ago and was asked, “What kind of dog is she?”  I said, “A mutt.”  [Usually I say a ‘supermutt,’ but I played it safe].  The woman corrected me, “You mean a ‘mixed breed.'”  Well, maybe, but I don’t think Gracie cares what you call her.  As long as you call her.

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