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Monday morning

This is sort of interesting.   I stress “sort of.”  I really don’t want to start Monday off on a sour note, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Go Packers!  That game was awesome.  Did you see the Sunday night game?  My only thought is that Bill Belichick had money on Indianapolis to win because that call on 4th and 2 made absolutely no sense to me.  I pinched myself because I thought I might have been dreaming when I saw they were going to go for it.  Nope, it really happened.

I’m almost done reading At Home in the World by Joyce Maynard and I really recommend it.  I flew through the first two thirds and stalled for a bit after the Salinger affair ended, but that was a mistake on my part.  The part of the book that takes place post-Salinger is really just as interesting.  I urge you to check it out if you haven’t already done so and are looking for a book to keep you turning the pages.

Zombieland.  We saw it Saturday night and it did not disappoint.  Clocking in at well-under 90 minutes, this newest zombie comedy is icky in its gory-ness, but fresh in its snappy dialogue, characters and plot.  Really, truly a cute, funny movie.  Woody Harrelson does not disappoint.  And while I tend to think of Jesse Eisenberg as a poor man’s Michael Cera, I enjoyed him for the second time in a movie that contains significant scenes at an amusement park.


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