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First Furlough Day in 2010

So much for that New Year’s resolution to blog at least once a week.  Oops.  Ok, I’m back on the wagon.  Not that wagon, but the blogging wagon.  At least for now.

I have a lot to report about the kitchen, but am going to wait on pictures until it’s all the way done.  For the most part, I’m really happy.  There have been a few problems, some of which I’ve already recounted here.  A new one, though, is the countertops.  We opted for quartz and they’re really beautiful.  Apparently, though, they’re also very heavy.  This means that they had difficulty getting the largest piece (one side of the kitchen) into place without damaging the walls.  So, in an effort to leave our walls intact, Carlos (our countertop man) chipped the countertops.  He thought it would be ok because the tile backsplash we were going to install would cover up the problem.  But I wasn’t planning on tiling the side walls.  During my efforts to get this resolved, I was labeled “demanding” in an email from the Home Depot to Carlos.  I don’t think I was supposed to receive that email.  In any event, instead of the tile — which we hadn’t decided on and were thinking we might do ourselves — we’re just going to have Carlos come back and install quartz backsplash on the wall.  I’m not in love with this idea but I think it makes the most sense.  Ok, I’ve already changed my mind.  Here’s a picture.


You can see where the former backsplash was.  It was the same as the countertops — white tile framed in a light wood.  I really like the look of a smooth countertop with tile being the only backsplash (as opposed to the countertop creeping up the wall).  But I started to worry about a couple of things.  One, the cost of the tile.  It’s not cheap.  Two, who would install it?  Would we?  The web makes it look easy, but I can’t imagine it is.  Three, if we did it ourselves I worried about several things — the mess, the outcome, the probability that it wouldn’t get done.  If we hired someone to do it I worried about cost.  And, again, when were we going to get around to hiring someone?  I really started to worry that we would have this amazing new kitchen that would never be quite finished.  So, Carlos is coming back and I hope to have a finished product soon.

In the meantime, the old fridge is on the curb waiting patiently for the city to come pick it up.  My neighbors, however, have not been so patient.  I have gotten a phone call and hostile emails with CAPITAL letters telling me what an eyesore it is and how it needs to be removed.  Well, what can I do?  We bought the $35 appliance sticker, put it on the fridge, have the fridge on the curb and have contacted the city to tell them they missed picking it up (they assured us last week they’d come and get it).  It still sits there.  I don’t know what my neighbors expect me to do.  If they are so upset about it, I don’t see why they don’t contact the city to complain as well.  They continue to complain to me as if I’m deliberately preventing the city from picking it up.  I’ve really had it.

On an unrelated note, a friend of mine is attempting to write a novel.   More specifically, she is attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in March.  She has invited others to join her in this adventure.  I admit that I’m considering it.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know where to begin.

Maybe it could start off like this, “My friends want to talk about Project Runway but ever since it moved to Lifetime, I don’t watch it.  Frankly, I forget what day it’s on.  Could I get a reminder?” 



So, Qristyl left us last week with a dress the judges deemed boring and aging.  I agree with the former, but not the latter.  That model already kind of  looked ‘old’ and I really didn’t think the dress added to her age in any way.  Sometimes I think the judges are too in love with short short.   Also, as you know, I don’t mind boring.  Though I realize it’s a competition and being innovative is a huge part of the undertaking.  It’s hard for me to see — until the cameras really zoom in — some of the flaws in sewing the judges point out.  I wish Lifetime (and, previously, Bravo) would do something to give the viewers greater understanding of what the clothes REALLY look like.  For example, I actually thought Logan’s dress was kinda cool until the cameras zoomed in during judging to reveal the lace craptastical.  Eeks! 

And this week Johnny bit it on the probably-dreaded crazy ‘fabric’ project, which required designers to make a piece out of newspaper.  I really love these nutty projects because I think it especially highlights the innovation, creativity and general genius-ness of the designers.  I was so far from disappointed.  I thought the trenchcoat was damn amazing, the feather-y ball gown was stunning, and Althea’s brilliant and meticulate shift was awe-inspiring.  I loved this episode.  And, again, Johnny needed to go.  I don’t even really care about whether he was lying (probably the only time you’ll ever hear me say that), but he bugged because he just really bored me.  I really just didn’t want to hear anything else from his mouth, or see any of the things he produced. 

Moving on…I’ve developed an annoying habit of waking up between the hours of 3 a.m to 5 a.m. to watch ‘Without a Trace’ on TNT.  I can’t really articulate why I like this show so much, but I clearly do.  There was a problem with the episode I watched tonight, though.  Well, actually, the episode kinda grated on me from the beginning — it seemed forced.  But the articulable super bug was when Agent Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) said to Agent Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) that so-and-so had been ‘exonerated’ from a charge of child kidnapping because the police had failed to Miranda-ize him before getting some sort of (presumable inculpatory) statement.  Johnson went on to characterize these events as the defendant being released on a ‘technicality.’  There are so many things wrong with these things that they really — even at 4 a.m. — irked me.  I know that I am some sort of prosecutor, but I don’t think even the most zealous among us would call failing to Miranda-ize someone a ‘technicality.’  Truthfully, I don’t even know what anyone means by a ‘technicality.’  Generally, I think folks mean anything that prevents the defendant from getting the death penalty but also fails to demonstrate conclusively the defendant’s absolute innocence.  And this brings me to part two of the bug-ster with Johnson’s narrative.  Exonerated?  On a Miranda violation?  WHAT?  Exonerated does not mean ‘let go’ or ‘released.’  It means that it has been demonstrated that the person did not commit the crime.  It means that physical evidence concludes that the person could not have done it, it means someone else has confessed that he was the lone gun man, it means that the accused was not in the country at the time of the offense.  It does not mean that the person was released because of a Miranda violation.  And any federal agent with the experience of Johnson would never, ever confuse the term.  And this bugged me so much, I suspect, because I feel that the show is usually well-written and smart.  And this was just dumb.

I want to post about all of the loss that we have — collectively and individually — suffered as of late, but I think I need more time.

Happy Rosh Hashannah, all!

It’s back

As I was watching Project Runway last night, I thought, “This is really great.  I love this show!”  And then I nervously waited for the judging to begin.  And as I watched, I breathed a little easier.  It felt right.  It felt normal again.  I texted Kristin that I was really into the episode, and worried what her response would be.  But she, too, was ecstatic.  Project Runway is back.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen episode two of the new season, season six, and don’t want to know details, read no further.

[I will also put in a side note right now to space off the details from the disclaimer.  I’m in a piss-ass mood because the same old dude who just needs to retire has, once again, insulted my aptitude as a board member.  In fact, he did so in this way: when told that I was dealing with a DOJ-specific problem, he replied, “That’s a comforting thought. [NOT!]”  I wish I could write like that.  I also wish that I could be so blatantly cruel to people that work hard to preserve jobs and save the union money, two things he didn’t do a thing about when he was on the board.  In fact, what did he do?  Oh yeah, sent out random, incoherent messages about the board’s to-dos, but only for those few meetings that he actually attended.  So angry.]

Ok, back to PR.  They’ve never done a maternity challenge before, have they?  I thought it was brilliant.  I actually thought most of the designs were truly charming.

Discussing the final six (the best three and worst three): I pretty much agreed with the judges’ choices. 

Louise’s dress/lingerie was truly pretty and looked like it must have taken forever.  I also like how she thought about how the preggers’ woman’s boobs would get bigger and incorporated pleats in the bodice to accommodate that.  But, it wasn’t my favorite color and actually, despite being one color really, seemed a little busy for me and, yes, a little negligee-y.  So, it was good she was in the top three, but also good she was the third best.

Althea.  Holy cow did I love that dress.  I love that it was a maxi, I loved the strappings, I loved the stripes.  I just loved it.  I thought it was so fun and looked so comfortable and chic.  The criticism of the cups being a little small for a pregnant lady was fair, but her model wasn’t actually pregnant so I thought it looked good.  Had she made the cups bigger, it might not have looked so good on the runway.

Shirin.  She made a coat.  And it was lined.  I don’t even think I need to say more.  I mean, a COAT!

Ra’mon.  Bad, but really — not THAT bad.  I mean, it was clearly a mistake but he kinda realized it.  I’m not defending it because it was pretty dumb, but it wasn’t a total disaster.

Mitchell’s was pretty close.  I actually loved the idea and the shorts were such a cute way to go, but the execution was poor.  From far away it looked pretty chic, I thought.  But the closer you got, the more you realized it was just off.  The shorts were obviously a disaster.  If he really doesn’t know how to sew, I don’t know how much further he’ll be able to get.  He needed to tighten up the shorts, and maybe even put them in just khaki fabric, too.  I think the sweater was ok, but maybe it should have been more of a sheer, ivory poncho and the t-shirt could have then been a cute camisole in either black or white.  That could have been cool.

But it goes without saying (though I will) that Melvin’s was a total stupid-ass outfit.  An egg?  It totally looked like she had the baby covered in the sling and then was wearing boring leggings.  It wasn’t the least bit flattering or chic.  And why on earth when people get kicked out for being so dumb do they always have to say, “I guess America’s just not ready for me.”  Give it a rest.  You wanted to make her chicken thigh pants.  Whatever that means.  You have no idea what looks good, you just want a theme.

Did you see the Models aftershow?  The show’s pretty pointless, except for the part when you get to see which designer chooses which model (something that was part of PR itself when it was on Bravo), but it was funny to see all of the models shocked and outraged when Mitchell was safe and Melvin was auffed.  I guess they preferred the thought of looking like a big egg than wearing ill-fitting, transparent wear. 


Here are some recent musings on which I would very much appreciate some comments and discussion.  Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m talking to myself and that’s something I can do without a blog.

1.  The Packers looked soooooooooo good these last two games, but I don’t think I can really talk about this because it makes me nervous to have two preseason games yet to go.

2.  I understand just about nothing about this health care debate.  I am sure there is something there to understand, but I feel like so much about the health care industry is shrouded in mystery and wrong information.  For example, why do things have to cost so much?  I’m not convinced there’s necessarily an inherent cost in lots of health care, as opposed to just a manufactured cost.  Additionally, lots of people blame malpractice insurance for the high costs, and while I don’t know how much insurers charge, I’m pretty sure that litigation costs are a tiny fraction of the overall industry costs.

3.  I saw two super fun movies last weekend: (1) The Hangover and (2) The Perfect Getaway.  I really had a great time watching both of them, especially after we moved out of the balcony at The Hangover where some genetically-challenged man kept screaming, “Holy balls!”

4.  Project Runway.  I’m pretty glad the gal who got auffed did, but I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them.  Too early to say much, other than that their new studio space is nice and I’m happy there’s a Mood in L.A.  Why?  I have no idea.

5.  Also, this is a job I did not know existed.

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