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Wednesday in May

Not exactly a shocking expose, but an interesting article nevertheless.  And one written by Gretchen’s old classmate, Dahlia Lithwick, along with Hanna Rosin, whose book, ‘God’s Harvard,’ I just finished this week. [Note: ‘God’s Harvard’ is a truly interesting piece of journalism about Patrick Henry College in Purceville, VA.  I thought the book could have used an editor with a closer eye, but if you want to read about the young, smart, dedicated religious right and their struggles and devotion (and sometimes their struggles with devotion), this is the book for you.]  Back to the Court.  It seems a foregone conclusion that Obama’s going to appoint a woman, eh?

Alright, Real Housewives NYC. I gotta say, last night was a bit of a disappointment. As much as I was dreading seeing Jill & Bethenny fight, and as sweet as I thought it was that Bethenny instantly rose to the occasion to be the better person, it was short-lived drama and unsatisfying. I hope Jill sincerely apologizes in the next episode, because she was so far out of line.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this: my aunt, Terry, was recently given one of the best gifts a person could ask for. She was seated next to Robert Redford on a plane from Madison to Chicago (Redford had been in town to speak at an event celebrating the esteemed Progressive’s 100th birthday). Um, awesome? He even gave her his Madison Magazine (for whatever that’s worth), but apparently he hogged the armrest. And a cart came to pick him up at O’Hare, which I think is odd.


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