Thursday thought

I think yoga would be a lot better without the down dogs. I think I’m going to refrain from engaging in that pose. It brings me only misery.


Before actually raising a Little One, I’d thought a lot about parents raising girls and, with that, princess culture and pink and purple and tea parties and make up and accessories and, essentially, how – if I were so lucky to have a girl of my own – I would steer clear of these traps. But then I got pregnant and, while I won’t say all of those concerns went out the window, they sure seemed a hell of a lot less important to me than making sure I had a kid who was healthy and happy. And then actually knowing and understanding that I was going to be a parent – the idea that I was going to be trusted to raise a PERSON – suddenly made it seem infinitesimally insignificant whether or not this little child thought being a princess was cool. In fact, I had to admit, that when she came out and started blabbering about it, she was right: being a princess is sorta cool. And I know what being a princess means and my daughter doesn’t.

Anyway, so I have a little girl who now asks to wear nail polish and bracelets and even earrings (and that last one is a no for now) and I largely give in because I can’t really think of a reason to say no. I see all of it as her genuinely exploring color and textures and her own taste. Here’s the thing: I can talk till I’m blue in the face that “looks don’t matter” but Molly, like me, cares what things look like. Other people may not share our taste – God knows my mom doesn’t often like my home choices – but we make our picks because we do care about how things look. And we can’t change that. And I don’t think we should have to, or be encouraged to. Even commoners have their tastes.

Holy 🍌🍌🍌

Hi folks! Anyone out there?! I’m still here. You? I miss you! 

Although I’ve been long absent, I have a zillion blog posts in my head. But I’ll release them if you’re interested. Or if you’re not interested. Tee hee.
Here’s what’s going on with me: 

  • A whole lot of stress at work in every way possible;
  • A husband about to turn 40;
  • A trip to Indianapolis because my winter tennis team won State (no thanks to moi!);
  • A trip with my mom to NYC to watch the US Open and celebrate her birthday!; and
  • Trying to figure out how to incorporate calm into my life, which may include – wait for it – seeking professional help. Gasp. {See what I did there, for those of you watching at home? I put it down in writing. In public. I’m taking some steps.} 

In addition, I’d like to discuss, in no particular order: The Night Of; the decision to grant Adnan a new trial (though I assume that’ll be appealed); the public market that may – please, please, please – go in across the street from us; the Packers’ new season; the possibility of us redoing our kitchen; board and batten; how much dogs sleep; and Wisconsin politics. You with me? 

Why did this take me so long?! The bathroom edition

Our master bathroom is short on storage and long on annoyances. For example, the heated tile floors that seemed like a real selling point have never worked. Not once. And to make up for the lack of storage, some sharp tack installed the vanity so that its drawers can’t be opened more than halfway before running into the room’s door frame. And there was no medicine cabinet – just a mirror – because why add storage when you don’t need to. I mean, the house has a closet somewhere.

Anyway, one thing the room did have was a couple of those nice looking “floating” shelves and they were hung above the toilet. But as soon as we tried to use them, we discovered that they weren’t hung well and wouldn’t really hold anything up. You know, which isn’t that cool if that’s what you’re interested in having a shelf do. So AO took them down and that’s when things made sense. The shelves weren’t there to hold things, but to cover up what may have been the scene of a murder. Someone had done a lot of damage to that wall; there were holes everywhere. But a lot of patching and sanding and painting later (all by AO), we had a clean, storage-less wall. Now what? We didn’t want to spend a lot of money because the dream was that we’d someday expand the room (and maybe get those floors to warm up) so after a trip to Ikea to solve all of our other problems, we came up with this beauty.

Um, I know it’s not bad bad, but some on, Kate. That is not ideal from a cleaning perspective and you can just tell by how it’s arranged that I gave up even pretending it could look nice. Still, at $60 I thought we could deal with it and I hoped the bamboo-look would give us a spa vibe. {Spoiler alert: it did not.}

But lately AO and I have been on kinda a tear about all-things-wrong-with-our-house and this one was on my list. I also thought it might be contributing to my hostility to showering. So, for the greater good of those around me during this humid summer, I was determined to fix it and by “fix it,” I mean I was determined to order something for AO to install. But preferably not without me messing it up at least once so that he could get sufficiently annoyed with me before saving the day. It’s just not fun otherwise. And guess what?! Missions accomplished! I found some seriously marked-down shelves from Pottery Barn, ordered them, tried to install them myself, put a nasty hole in the wall and it was almost like we were right back to where we started two years ago! Only now I’m in my 40s with epilepsy! #goodtimes Anyway, AO rescued the operation (swoon!) and I think we can all agree we have a cleaner (if still imperfect) looking bathroom.